What is Reiki?

I, Eimi Onishi am propagating Japanese traditional Reiki in this very powerful Australia continent. I would be more than happy if Reiki could be useful to those people who are interested in Reiki, have fate to Australia, who wants to get more beautiful body and soul, be happy and be healthy all the time,

Based on traditional Japanese Reiki, Komyo Reiki Australia offers reasonable, enjoyable and easily understandable course, and also a pleasant healing treatment.

Reiki is one of a name of a universal energy named by Mr. Usui, originator of Reiki healing. Everything receives life from this universal energy. When this Reiki named universal energy lose balance your natural healing power and immune power weakens and tends to get emotionally and physically unstable and likely to draw illness towards you.

We normally don’t realize, but this universal energy is necessary for each one of us to lead a healthy and happy life. In England, Reiki is an alternative medicine which insurance covers for it. And in Australia, Reiki is a very popular course amongst University and college. As this shows, Reiki seems to be more receptive in foreign countries (especially western countries) rather than the originated country Japan. 

We use in practice the universal energy which are filled in mother nature and improve one’s mind and body by hand on treatment. This power is not an ability that is gained by training, each one of us inherits this potential ability of healing power.

This healing method is very simple and very effective. By Reiju (attunement) everyone can easily comprehend and be able to use the power. It is perfected that simply. There are nothing to add and no need to add. Meaning, by getting Reiju (attunement) it connects a circuit between you and the source of Reiki and allows a strong healing power to flow all the time.

Once this Reiki circuit is connected each individual can easily heal yourself and others. You can even do `remote distance healing`, which enables you to heal people in the distance. Not only that, you can protect yourself from other peoples malicious and/or negative energy. In Western countries, Reiki is applied for relaxation and for improvement of self-esteem just like yoga and meditation. It also highly regarded as an alternative medicine to regain health. In Japan during prewar, Reiki was popular amongst people as a folk remedy to heal sickness.

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